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Month: January 2022

What To Expect from Couples Counseling Therapy

What To Expect from Couples Counseling

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve been considering couples counseling for a while. Maybe you’ve even checked out some therapists in your area. You and your partner are ready, but not sure what to expect. What’s it going to be like? Will the therapist tell us the relationship is doomed? Will I get blamed for everything? Do I have to tell everything (even THAT thing)? These are all normal questions…

January 31, 2022

Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love Most? Relationships

Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love Most?

Reading Time: 5 minutes “You’ve been hurt before… hurt people, they hurt people.” These lyrics by the Irish rock band, The Script, seem so relatable. Is it true that people hurt their loved ones because someone hurt them before? Well, yes and no. The psychology behind hurting people that you love is quite complicated. You may do it intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone expects to be treated well by their…

January 30, 2022

What Can You Do When You Hate Your Job but Can't Quit Burnout

What Can You Do When You Hate Your Job but Can’t Quit?

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you hate your job, you’re not the only one who feels that way. It’s hard to say exactly how many people hate their jobs, but according to different studies, somewhere between 20% and 40% of employees report feeling unhappy at work. Although hating your job is a common human experience, that doesn’t make it less difficult to handle. It can be mentally and emotionally…

January 28, 2022

how to set goals in therapy Therapy

8 Tips for Setting Goals in Therapy

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’ve ever been in therapy, chances are you’re familiar with the question, “What brings you here?” Simple and straightforward on the surface, this can also be one of the most complex and baffling questions. Collaborative goal setting can break this question down into concrete terms by delineating what you want to be addressed in therapy. When used in time-limited therapeutic approaches such as cognitive…

January 26, 2022

trauma bonding Relationships

How to Recognize a Trauma Bond and What to Do About It

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the summer of 1973, a bank robbery occurred in Stockholm, Sweden where four bank workers were taken hostage for six days. Over that period, it’s said that the workers began to develop a bond with the robbers which grew so strong that one of the captives told the Swedish Prime Minister she fully trusted her captors but feared the police might kill her if…

January 25, 2022

What Is Closure and Why Do We Need It after a Relationship Breakup Relationships

What Is Closure and Why Do We Need It after a Relationship Breakup?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The end of a relationship is understandably a challenging time, especially if one partner wanted the break-up and the other did not. Emotions run strong, and if you don’t know the reason for the breakup, it can be difficult to move forward. Closure from an ex can make it easier to process feelings of grief when a relationship ends, and there are psychological reasons for…

January 23, 2022

How to Manage When a Family Member is Homophobic LGBT

How to Manage When a Family Member is Homophobic

Reading Time: 5 minutes As a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning person, it can be very difficult to cope with family members who reject who you are. Sadly, homophobia (dislike or prejudice against gay people) and transphobia (dislike or prejudice against transgender or transexual people) can threaten even the strongest of family bonds. You have a right to expect unconditional love from family members regardless of your…

January 20, 2022


Do I Need Therapy? 11 Signs It’s Time To See a Therapist

Reading Time: 8 minutes Many people think that something must be seriously wrong with you to see a therapist. That is one of the common misconceptions about therapy. In fact, therapy is an incredibly useful tool that is worth trying even if you don’t have a medical problem. So when should you see a therapist? The truth is, you should never let things get to the breaking point before…

January 17, 2022


Social Anxiety: How to Recognize if You Have it

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social Anxiety Disorder is a common condition, but it is often poorly understood. In this article we will look at what the condition is, how to recognize if you have it, and how to overcome social anxiety. Social Anxiety Disorder Social Anxiety Disorder was once known as social phobia. It is characterized by an overwhelming fear of social situations. What are the Symptoms of Social…

January 16, 2022


What Is Emotional Exhaustion and How to Cope

Reading Time: 7 minutes When you reach the point of emotional exhaustion, you can feel drained, tired, down, lacking energy, and have difficulty coping with everyday tasks. Eventually, it comes to the point when you hardly feel any sense of accomplishment. Emotional exhaustion can occur when you experience excessive stress that builds up over a prolonged period. It’s one of the first warning signs and symptoms of burnout. Anyone…

January 13, 2022


9 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

Reading Time: 6 minutes Communication is key to a harmonious and healthy relationship. All too often, couples have difficulty expressing how they feel, which can lead to misunderstandings, disagreements, and even toxic behaviors. Understanding how to improve communication with your partner is not only helpful for those whose relationship is under strain, but can protect an otherwise healthy relationship from problems later on, too. In this article, we will…

January 5, 2022


Self-Care Practices You Should Prioritize for 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes Modern life can feel stressful, relentless and exhausting. Furthermore, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has added to many people’s workload, mental strain, and even feelings of loneliness. It’s no wonder that many of us are burned out before we’ve even started the day’s work. If you are struggling with a life that feels unsatisfying or unremitting, it’s time to put a self-care plan in place for…

January 4, 2022