Month: April 2022

Anticipatory Grief Grief and Trauma

10 Ways to Cope with Anticipatory Grief

Reading Time: 7 minutes After recently giving birth, a friend of mine was diagnosed with a terminal and aggressive form of brain cancer. In disbelief, I wrote to her about holding onto hopes for advancements in medicine and new treatments. True to her nature, she thoughtfully replied that while it’s safe and normal to hang onto those hopes, it’s also important and meditative to just be aware of her…

April 26, 2022

Men and relationship issues Relationships

Navigating Relationship Difficulties as a Man

Reading Time: 7 minutes We live in a world where gender stereotypes still exist. Even though developed Western societies no longer require a person to choose from two genders only, if you identify as a man or woman, you may still deal with tons of stereotypes regarding what is considered masculine or feminine. There is a big difference between societal expectations about male and female behavior, and when it…

April 22, 2022

Positive stress Stress

5 Ways to Turn Stress Into a Productivity Fuel and Use It

Reading Time: 7 minutes You know those feelings — that tightness in your chest, muscle tension, the racing thoughts, and the general feeling of unease. Stress can indeed feel unpleasant and cause damaging physical and emotional effects on the body. And you probably heard that you should avoid it at all costs. But the thing is, not every type of stress is bad. While it’s true that too much…

April 19, 2022

How to Support Someone with Complex PTSD Grief and Trauma

How to Support Someone with Complex PTSD

Reading Time: 7 minutes Flashbacks, nightmares, fear of abandonment, distrust, hypervigilance, dissociation, unpredictable and upsetting emotions, panic. It’s awful to see someone you love suffer from complex PTSD that occurs due to prolonged exposure to trauma. It affects you too. You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells and be struggling to understand their behavior and how to best support them. In this article, we’ll talk about the steps…

April 18, 2022

Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children Parenting

Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children

Reading Time: 9 minutes You love your children and want to raise them to be confident, mentally strong, intelligent, and successful. But where should you begin and what is the best parenting style to support healthy growth and development of your kids? Parenting styles vary from person to person. Some parents are strict and expect their children to do exactly what they say, while others allow their kids to…

April 14, 2022

How to Recognize Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Abuse Addiction

How to Recognize Alcohol Dependence & Alcohol Abuse

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alcohol is a legal recreational drug, so the consumption of alcoholic drinks is deeply embedded in the culture of many countries. Having a drink is a socially accepted way to relieve stress, relax, and cope with the tension of a very busy work schedule. Moderate drinking doesn’t pose a problem to adults, but when you drink too much or too often or when alcohol consumption…

April 11, 2022

Emotionally Unavailable People Relationships

Climbing the Love Peak: Why We Like Emotionally Unavailable People

Reading Time: 10 minutes Here you go again: you feel attraction to someone who’s a hard nut to crack. They exude vibes of mystery and aloofness you can’t get close to. And you can’t help but keep trying to conquer their attention. Or, you seem to have found your soulmate. You both feel emotional and sexual chemistry. And you both see a clear perspective of starting a relationship. But…

April 7, 2022

Couples Therapy Approaches Therapy

Couples Therapy Approaches: What’s Your Best Fit?

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’ve made the decision to seek couples counseling, you’ve probably done some research on what to expect and how the process works. In your research, you’ve probably come across a lot of different approaches or types of couples therapy. Some of them have names that don’t even sound like they’d be related to couples therapy. You’re probably wondering, “Which one is right for our…

April 6, 2022


Know the Signs of Emotional Dependency so You Can Recover

Reading Time: 5 minutes It takes a village, as the saying goes. We all rely on other people to get by. And one of the best things about healthy relationships is that they offer much-needed connection and support, especially when times get tough. When you mess up at work, lose out on your dream job, or experience a serious illness, the people closest to you will be by your…

April 5, 2022

The Truth About Self-Harm Emotions

The Truth About Self-Harm

Reading Time: 6 minutes Self-harm is a secretive behavior that affects more people than you may think – about 10% of adolescents and young adults. This article is an explainer, and its goal is to explain self-harm, its possible causes, and how to access treatment and support. What is self-harm? Self-harm or self-injury describes the non-suicidal behavior when someone deliberately inflicts harm on their body as a way of…

April 1, 2022