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Discover how women leaders navigate
the workforce crisis

Uncover the challenges faced by women leaders during the recession and workforce crisis. Learn how they tackle issues like inequality, prejudice, and work-life balance disruption while managing teams in turbulent times.

The findings in Calmerry's Support for Female Leaders 2023 Report are deeply concerning as they show a significant level of distress and burnout experienced by women leaders.
42 %
of leadership positions are held by women
50 %
of women leaders experience high levels of burnout
27 %
of companies do not offer adequate support or an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For this report, we’ve surveyed over 150 women in managerial positions, such as Head of People, Team Lead, VP, and Senior Manager.

We analyzed the experiences and challenges they faced while leading their teams through the recession and workforce crisis.

This comprehensive report offers valuable insights and data to help companies effectively develop strategies and support systems to address these challenges.

Personal Challenges

Inequality and prejudice are deeply ingrained in daily work communications and are the challenges women must overcome daily.

Our survey indicates that these problems contribute to overall stress and exhaustion and negatively impact women’s well-being.

What is your biggest challenge as a female manager?
39.37% Inequality
35.43% Prejudice and stereotypes
33.86% Pay gap
30.71% Toxic environment
20.47% Harassment
32.28% Favoritism
33.07% Sexism
22.05% Lack of the corporate support
17.32% Glass ceiling
31.50% Poor work-life balance
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Team Challenges

Besides personal challenges, women leaders strive to overcome mounting pressure and stress caused by layoffs, decreased motivation, and problems in communication. 

Half of the surveyed teams experienced layoffs, increasing pressure and workload on managers. Additionally, around 40% of teams are concerned about potential layoffs.

Team mood amidst the trend of layoffs
  • My team is mildly concerned about layoffs 30%
  • My team is not concerned about layoffs 14%
  • My team is extremely concerned and anxious about layoffs 10%
  • No laidoffs are planned for my team 46%
Company Support

Amid an evolving work landscape, companies' role in monitoring and bolstering employee mental health is becoming increasingly significant. Despite this growing need, not all companies take these concerns seriously. 

of companies don’t track the well-being of their employees at all. Those that offer support do so through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), yet feedback suggests that these programs alone aren’t enough to meet growing mental health needs.
How does the company measure mental well-being of the team?
70% 1-on-1 meetings
10% Questionnaires
30% We don't track well-being
3% Specific software
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of companies either do not have an EAP or their employees are unaware of it, we can only conclude that the current situation calls for improved communication and more robust mental health support on all levels.
What does your company to support female managers?
19.69% Implement less than 40-hour work week
36.22% Employee assistance programs (EAP)
29.92% Corporate coaching
18.90% Corporate counselor/psychotherapist
24.41% Support groups
2.36% Sororities
26.77% Nothing
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Summarizing these insights, we can conclude that women leaders will experience mounting pressure in the upcoming years due to the pre-existing workplace stigma and ongoing economic uncertainty.

The existing programs to support employees’ mental health have proved ineffective, and expectations will only rise as we move further into recession.

In these circumstances, there is a pressing need for a better way to support mental health: flexible, personalized, and budget-conscious.

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