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Video therapy online is a modern, convenient, and affordable alternative to common in-person therapy. We are here to help our clients cope with their life challenges and provide effective mental support and treatment. Get in touch with our online video therapist to start changing your life for the better!

  • Human-centered therapist matching process
  • Affordable way to achieve a balanced life
  • Licensed therapists you can trust

88% clients

found Calmerry to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy

95% clients

found it to be more convenient than traditional therapy

98% clients

think Calmerry connected them with the therapist who was a good match

What is Video Chat Therapy?

Video chat is your new way to get in touch with a licensed mental health professional and get quality help. There is no more need to waste time getting to a therapist’s office. From now on, it’s already on your laptop or smartphone. We give you all the freedom to schedule video meetings at the most convenient time and have it where you feel the most comfortable. The only thing you need is a reliable Internet connection, so whether you are at home, in the office, or even outside the city, you can connect with your specialist and share all your thoughts and feelings to feel better.

Easy start in therapy

Get a brief assessment

Answer a few questions to get started. Be confident when sharing your thoughts and worries.

Choose how you get therapy

Pick the subscription plan that’s best for your lifestyle and budget. Get matched with a therapist that fits you.

Start online therapy

Chat with your therapist privately or have live video sessions. Build a life with greater meaning.

How Does Online Video Counseling Work at Calmerry?

Everything is pretty simple. You can have online therapy video sessions with the most accomplished therapists, no matter where you are. All the clients who have tried our services are extremely satisfied with the service, so it’s your turn to bring quality changes to your life.

Online counseling is a perfect solution to solve all emotional problems and become a better version of yourself. If you have been willing to try counseling but never did it because of high prices, inconvenient therapist’s office location, or because you are too busy to have in-person sessions, then it’s time for you to take full advantage of therapy services.

Here are the reasons you should give online video therapy a try:

  • You don’t have enough free time to attend in-person meetings;
  • The number of therapists in your city/town is limited;
  • You prefer digital communication rather than going to a doctor’s office;
  • You have a tight budget;
  • You want to get help from accomplished specialists and get in touch whenever you want.

See what our clients say about us




Online counseling helped us improve our relationship a lot. I had counseling sessions by myself, but it had a positive effect. My counselor helped me find ways to get a better understanding of my partner. I have changed my behavior, and our relationships improved. I’m very satisfied with my counselor’s approach and with the overall website support.

April, 2021




I was so frustrated and suffered from low self-esteem resulting from continuous emotional abuse. I’m glad that I came across this website. My therapist really helped me a lot, and now I feel so much better.

March, 2021




After 10 years of our marriage, we started feeling some tension and become bored with our life together. We wanted to save the relationship, so we decided to try out online counseling. Frankly, I was pretty skeptical about all this, unlike my wife. Yet, the service exceeded my expectations. We managed to work all major relationship issues out with the help of our therapist. Thanks…

January, 2021




I couldn’t find a qualified LGBT therapist near me, so I appreciate the counseling I have received at Calmerry. My counselor was caring, empathetic, and understanding, and he really helped me through a difficult period.

February, 2021

Brief Q&A about therapy by text

Our clients have so many questions about therapy text sessions, so we have prepared answers to the most common ones.

If you want to stop having therapy sessions, you can simply cancel the auto-charge billing. Since all your information is encrypted, you do not need to worry about having an account.


However, if you still wish to cancel the account, you can reach out to our support team. Please specify the reason for canceling, and our team will do everything for you.

Video sessions via the Internet are as effective as face-to-face meetings in a therapist’s office. We live in an era of modern technologies that make our lives easier and more convenient. With video chat therapy, you can have digital meetings with the best industry specialists while staying at home, in the office, or on the go. Video speech therapy online enables you to be comfortable while talking to a therapist and achieve progress faster.

On our website, you can send an unlimited number of text messages to a therapist assigned to you. Though the answers are not instant, you will be able to get responses from a mental health professional within a few hours and tell them everything that bothers you to get relevant help and support.

After you pay for your subscription, we will start the matching process. Usually, therapists are assigned within 24 hours. However, sometimes we may ask clients to wait a bit longer.

Online video therapy is a modern way to get mental guidance and effective treatment from specialists at any time, no matter where you are. If you are willing to try out therapy but lack free time or budget, then meetings via the Internet will be a perfect choice for you. You can have video sessions that feel like regular face-to-face meetings and receive treatment and emotional help you might require at the moment.

Online therapy will be a good choice for everyone who’s going through a challenging period in their lives and who needs qualified mental health help and treatment. Video calls are a modern alternative to in-person sessions as they are less expensive and more convenient in use. No matter what is the issue you want to solve, we are ready to help.

For more information, please visit our FAQ

Brief Q&A about therapy by text

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