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Discover the power of bespoke therapy tailored just for you.

At Calmerry, we believe everyone deserves access to personalized mental health care. That’s why our app is designed to adapt to your unique needs.

How it works

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Start mood tracking and journaling

Check out mental health courses

Enhance your well-being with therapist

Track your weekly and monthly results

Self-help therapy you will find inside

Courses and articles:

Find tips for maintaining your anxiety, stress and well-being.

Personalized therapy plan:

Celebrate your victories and learn from your challenges.

Weekly reports:

Gain insights into your mood patterns and progress.

Journaling prompts:

Engage in guided reflection to understand yourself better.

Mood tracker:

Keep an eye on your emotional well-being.

You need it? We got it 💪

Mental wellness is not just about therapy. At Calmerry, we guide you through your personal journey, be it a need for therapy, coaching, personal development, or just for someone who will listen.

Overcome your fears
Master growth mindset
Learn to set personal boundaries
Explore presence and mindfulness

Ready to make a change?

Calmerry is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us and unlock a world of personalized therapy that understands you.

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