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Online grief counseling – the support you need in the palm of your hand

Don’t let the grief consume you. Find comfort and understanding through professional grief counseling from your home.

What is online grief therapy?

Experiencing the loss of loved ones is one of the hardest things we may have to face throughout our lives. As grief is unexpected, so are its forms. It can be persistent sadness, confusion, numbness, guilt, and even anger. No one’s grief journey is the same, but untreated grief can become a heavy burden.


In grief therapy, you’re not alone in your journey. It’s a supportive process that acknowledges your loss and the pain it brings while gently guiding you toward healing. You’ll learn to understand and express your grief, find ways to cope with the intense emotions, and eventually find a way to move forward while honoring the memory of your loved one.

Who is virtual grief counseling for?

As you grieve, you may find it challenging to perform many things that have felt easy before, be it work, socializing, or even satisfying your biological needs.


In such moments, getting dressed up and driving to the counselor’s office may be monumental. Online grief counseling offers the same quality of care from the comfort of your home. It is secure, private, and as open as you want.

We believe no grief is too small, and you should always seek help if needed. That said, we want to highlight certain categories of grief where coping with loss alone might be challenging, such as:

  • Loss of a loved one: We offer compassionate support to help you navigate through this profound and personal journey of loss, whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a significant other.
  • Miscarriage or stillbirth: Our gentle guidance is here to support you through the heart-wrenching experience of losing a pregnancy, providing a space for healing and solace.
  • Facing the death of a parent or sibling: We provide specialized care to help you process the complex emotions that come with losing a close family member, creating a nurturing environment for your tender heart.
  • Adjusting to the loss of a spouse or peers in old age: Receive sensitive and understanding support as you confront the pain of losing a life partner or peers, helping you find peace and companionship in this chapter of your life.
  • Experiencing trauma and loss in the line of duty: Designed for those who face death and trauma in their work, providing a safe haven to address the emotional toll and foster resilience.

Why Calmerry?

1-Hour matching:

Connect with an online grief counselor within just 60 minutes. Fast, compassionate assistance when you need it most.

Digital aids for the journey:

Engage in reflective exercises and insightful tips to help you navigate your grief, fostering emotional healing and personal growth.

Expert content library:

Access in-depth articles and resources specifically tailored for those dealing with loss. Learn about the stages of grief, coping mechanisms, and how to find your path to recovery.

Flexible therapy options:

Choose between text or video sessions for your therapy. Select the mode that feels most comfortable and conducive to your healing process.

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Grief therapy that feels right

Dealing with grief can feel overwhelming

You’re not alone. Our video chat grief therapy connects you with licensed counselors who understand the intricate nature of grief. Each session is focused on your healing, ensuring you feel heard, seen, and supported.

Healing that goes beyond words

Our grief therapy is more than just conversations. It involves strategies addressing your emotional and spiritual well-being, helping you remember your loved one and navigate your emotions.

Your unique journey, our personalized support

Each person’s journey through grief is uniquely shaped by their relationship with the lost loved one. While some find comfort in quiet reflection, others may express their grief more openly. Our grief therapy acknowledges and respects this individuality, offering a compassionate and understanding space for your grieving process.


  • Understanding and managing grief
  • Navigating the stages of loss
  • Building resilience in times of sorrow
  • Fostering hope and finding meaning
  • Honoring your loved one
A safe space for your healing journey

Our video chat therapy platform is HIPAA-compliant, upholding the highest standards of confidentiality. With encrypted sessions and discreet billing, we prioritize your comfort and security in your healing journey.

Meet our therapists:
your mental health allies

Our team of over 1,000 licensed counselors isn’t just impressive; they’re our inspiration. With an average practice experience of 7 years, each professional is dedicated to delivering high-quality care, acting as a counselor and partner on your journey to better mental health. Whether facing anxiety, depression, stress, or other challenges, we ensure you’re matched with the right expert to guide you toward wellness.

Calmerry vs traditional in-office therapy

At Calmerry, we are on a mission to make therapy accessible to everyone. We are nurturing your mental health through confidential one-on-one text and video sessions.


Provided by licenced therapists
Daily mental support
Flexible scheduling
Advanced client-counselor matching
Low-cost therapy
Video sessions
Digital worksheets
No commute time

Why choose Calmerry grief counseling

I've made a commitment this year to…
I've made a commitment this year to become the better me. And, as part of that commitment, I decided to try out therapy for the first time. Honestly? I am a bit skeptical when people online talk about something so much, always feels like it's just hype and too good to be true. But therapy, and calmery specificaly, exceeded all my expectations! It's very fun and simple to use, I can chat and zoom with my therapist and there are also a lot of things I can do between the sessions! The way to track progress is a fun thing, almost like Duolingo streaks lol! I don't have much to compare to, but Calmery has been a great and easy experience for a newcomer into therapy.
Freddie Gilbert
Last few months have been really tough…
Last few months have been really tough to the point where I started feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack. The good news is that I’m physically healthy. The bad one is that it seems like I have a serious case of anxiety that I need to work on. I’ve never been to therapy before, so decided that online would be a nice middlepoint, that won’t take as much of time. Reviews and pricing pointed me into Calmerry’s direction, and I’m liking what I see so far. Matching process has been good, they’ve found me a therapist that specializes in anxiety. Had only one video session so far but video and chat combo really makes me feel like my therapist is always there for me.
Jonathan Lane
Pros: helpful professionals - Cons: app issues and time difference difficulties
The professionals are very helpful however I do think that app issues and time difference can hinder the process. One app issue I had was I would receive a notification that I received a message one minute ago (from my phone notifications) but when I would go to the app, it would actually be from 30 minutes ago. Receiving notifications 30 minutes late can add up to when professionals are available 5 hours per day, five days out of the week. Also, for any new people I would advise making sure you talk with a professional in your time zone. Personally, having a four hour time difference was difficult for me.
Very helpful
Very helpful! Super fast to respond.
The availability of my counselor was…
The availability of my counselor was amazing.
Vanessa F.
Thank you Ashley
My therapist wasn understanding and nice. The team was was fast to respond and I kept the same therapist after having to cancel my subscription for financal reasons till I was able to pay for the service again.
Parker L.
Good service but not for me.
Therapist responded everyday but very general responses, felt like they would just repeat what I said in a question form. Overall good experience, I just like in person therapy better. More personal.
Keri D.
Sometimes a new therapist is all it takes
To give a quick overview, I am doing great, but the beginning of my journey was not so. The opportunity to change therapists was what saved the experience for me!My first therapist seemed uninterested and basically just sympathized with my hurt and did not give any sort of feedback for improving. When I spoke about the hardships within my relationship, he was quick to advice that I leave even if it hurts.. no feedback on why my mindset was this way, how to think straight nor how to cope with my feelings, I felt more defeated/judged when he started giving me a sermon as soon as he heard that I was religious as I was explaining my upbringing without me asking for religious advice. He verbalized that my depression was a spiritual war within me and that I was living in sin and therefore the enemy was attacking me… at was at a loss and in an even worse spot.I was on the verge of canceling when I was offered a change of therapist which completely changed the course of my journey. Natalia was attentive to my struggles, took time to listen and explain many new concepts to help me understand where my difficulties and thoughts where stemming from, I learned things about myself that I did not even realize were there since my childhood and how detrimental they have been within my life relationships! She created a concrete plan and followed up with me consistently throughout the whole time. I felt cared for, acknowledged, supported even when it was difficult for me to accept certain realities within me that I needed to change, and most importantly more confident/guided with the resources to improve as a person through this new understanding. I highly admire Natalia’s genuineness, integrity, and dedication to each meeting. I could see she was taking the time to read, understand every conversation through the feedback she gave. I really have no words but gratitude!
My therapist is a real professional
Calmerry is fine. They’ve fixed a few glitches in the app so now it’s much better. It’s easy to use, and I love the Coa bot that helps track your mood. I’ve never had any issues with my therapist, she’s a real professional, and she always helps me when I need to talk to someone. It’s definitely cheaper than regular therapy but it works well for me so I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs psychological help. As for the downsides, I wish video calls were a little longer.
George T.
Really really helpful
Anaelli was amazing!!! She was able to create a safe space and I was able to take what I learned and apply it to everyday situations! Thanks so much!!
Shana S
Great and easy to use customer service!!
I found Calmerry very helpful, engaging, and easy to use. A friend of mine suggested Calmerry and I honestly claim that it is a great Therapy service website for all those who seek online therapy sessions. The customer service has been great. I got all my emails and requests responded to on time and without any issue. My counselor is a great person, very kind, and supportive. I will definitely use Calmerry in the future and I highly suggest it to my friends and anyone. Thank you all for your service!!
Helpful, professional therapy
My therapist has helped me so much by listening and being available and even holding a mirror up to me at times when I needed it. She is calm and professional and has been profoundly impactful in my life. I will use her again if I need to. Very grateful.
Pamela Swyers
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Frequently asked questions

Reading Time: < 1 minute

At Calmerry, the price of grief counseling depends on your chosen plan, with the most affordable plans starting as little as $50 for the first month. Choosing the plan depends on your current needs, availability (i.e., can you find the time for video sessions), and the severity of your grief.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The duration of grief counseling depends on the individual’s unique needs and circumstances. Some may benefit from short-term counseling, lasting a few months, while others may engage in longer-term therapy. It’s a personal journey, and the duration can be adjusted.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In grief counseling, you can expect a supportive, non-judgmental space where you can express your feelings and thoughts related to your loss. Counselors help you understand and process your grief, provide coping strategies, and assist in finding a way to move forward while honoring your lost loved one.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Grief counseling provides emotional support, helps in understanding and navigating the complex emotions of grief, and offers strategies for coping. It aims to help you reach a place of acceptance and find new ways to connect with the memories of your loved one in a healthy, healing manner.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

You might consider grief counseling if you find your grief is overwhelming or interfering with your daily life, if you feel stuck or unable to move forward, or if you simply need someone to talk to who can understand and guide you through your grieving process.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Grief counseling is important because it provides a structured and supportive environment to process loss. It helps in mitigating the risks of complicated grief, such as prolonged depression or anxiety, and promotes healthy emotional adjustment.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

It’s advisable to seek grief counseling when you feel overwhelmed by your grief, when it’s impacting your daily life, or if you’re struggling to cope with the emotions and challenges that come with loss. There’s no “right” time – it’s about when you need support.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In grief counseling, you can talk about your feelings and memories of the person you’ve lost, your experiences of grief, challenges you’re facing, emotions that feel difficult to manage, and any aspect of your life that’s been affected by your loss. The counseling session is a safe space to explore all your thoughts and feelings related to your grief

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