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How insurance company reduced burnout with mental health support

Up & Running in 2.5 Weeks
55% Team Usage Rate
Support for Anxiety, Depression & More
Visible Mood & Well-being Improvements

James Raynor’s agency:
Beacon of excellence with an unexpected problem.

James Raynor is a distinguished State Farm Insurance Agent in Orange City, Florida. His agency, recognized for its excellence with awards, including the State Farm Chairman’s Circle and the State Farm National Convention, serves a diverse clientele with a broad range of insurance products.

An invisible crisis of stress and burnout

During the peak season in January, heightened by the pandemic’s impact, James observed the toll on his team’s mental health – mounting stress, lowered morale, and burnout.  Determined to support the team, James sought a mental health initiative to help.

A Strategic Response with Calmerry

James acted swiftly, opting for a trusted external solution: Calmerry. He sought our expertise instead of investing time to build an in-house mental health program while his team grappled with burnout. Calmerry’s efficient framework ensured the right counselor-client match and was seamlessly integrated into James’s operations in just 2.5 weeks.

Resounding transformation for James’ team

The results were transformative. A staggering 55% adoption rate with evident improvements in team morale and reduced burnout symptoms. Through collaboration with our counselors, James’s team found support for many challenges, including:

and more...

James Raynor Insurance Agency Inc.,

Orange City, FL

I am thankful that Calmerry has allowed me to support and care for my team. Work and life in general can be difficult and I feel, as an employer, I need to help my team process their emotions. My team knows that I care about them.

Why Calmerry?
Benefits and features

What made James trust Calmerry as the mental health solution of choice?

Personalized counselor matching: We ensure your team gets the right help at the right time.

Flexible plans: From unlimited messaging therapy to monthly video sessions, you can create a customized plan to meet your team’s needs.

Responsive service: Our team is on standby, ensuring you get swift and effective support when needed.

Proven high usage rates: Calmerry's approach sees over half your team actively engaged and benefitting from bespoke mental health care.

Supportive environment: With us, mental health is acknowledged, addressed, and applauded.

Future outlook:
A rising tide of change in mental health

James Raynor’s experience is a testament to a growing trend. Industry leaders are recognizing the pivotal role of mental health support.


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