Individual Therapy

FAQ about Individual Therapy. Calmerry is a meaningful therapy for everyone. We are here to help.

A few family members are involved in the therapy process, whereas individual therapy is designated for a separate individual to cope with personal issues and emotional problems.

Group therapy is a more affordable way to get professional help. However, considering that a therapist will have to work with a few individuals during a session, you can get less attention that you might require. Individual therapy will let a counselor focus on your issues fully and provide effective treatment. The last option will let you achieve progress much faster.

We expect our therapists to respond to clients’ questions daily (at least 5 days a week). We do not expect you to be online 24/7, and you may have the working hours that suit you best. Please negotiate your schedule with the client via secure chat.

Individual therapy is a perfect way to solve all a variety of personal issues and problems. In case you are going through a challenging period in your life and feel that some additional support and guidance won’t hurt, then this is certainly for you. Online services have extreme advantages in comparison with in-person individual therapy, as you can have sessions and communicate with a licensed specialist while staying at home. It’s your chance to have professional treatment in the most comfortable environment.