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Mental health care tailored for nonprofit organizations

Personalized support for those who support others

Recognized by leading healthcare media

Key challenges nonprofits are facing with

of nonprofit leaders cited staff hiring and retention issues as their top challenge
of nonprofits say stress and burnout hinder employee retention and recruitment
of employees noticed their productivity suffered due to mental health issues

Mental health support for a bigger impact

Calmerry understands the nonprofits’ unique challenges and commitments. We partner with you to promote mental wellness for your team and community. With a diverse team of therapists, we find the perfect match for each individual’s unique needs.

for non profit

For nonprofit organization

  • Analytics and reporting
    That helps nonprofits track mental health engagement and wellness trends effectively.
  • Flexible plans
    Video calls with therapists, asynchronous messaging therapy, and combined support provide personalized, convenient, and continuous mental health care.
  • Cost-effective solutions
    Two payment options for your size and needs.
    Pay-As-You-Go suits nonprofit organizations best, allowing them to pay for active usage only.
    Per-User-Per-Month enables easy scaling, ensuring all employees can access mental health services as needed.

For employees and clients

  • Start therapy the next day
    Quick 1-hour matching with the right therapist and professional support via video and messaging.
  • Tailored therapy plan
    Customized mental health care for unique needs and goals.
  • Anonymity and privacy
    No sensitive data is shared with organizations or third parties. It’s a safe space for individuals to seek help confidentially.
  • Self-help resources
    Resource library with articles, worksheets, and courses on mental wellness. Mood tracking and journaling.

For nonprofit organization


average utilization rate, which is higher than in EAP



client’s satisfaction rate

For members


of clients feel the transformation within two weeks



of clients are satisfied with their match for personalized care.

How to start improving your team’s mental health with Calmerry

Step 1
Step 1
Let us know you are interested and book a demo.
Step 2
Step 2
Receive product overview and bespoke offering based on your company’s needs.
Step 3
Step 3
Sign a contract and we’ll start onboarding your team.
Step 4 smile
Step 4
Kick back and enjoy the results.

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Only 7.6% of therapist applications are accepted. This way, we ensure you get support from true professionals who deliver the highest standard of care.


Our network of over 1,000 therapists is here to guide you through various life conditions and situations.

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