Couple Therapy

FAQ about Couple Therapy. Calmerry is a meaningful therapy for everyone. We are here to help.

It’s completely up to you. You and your partner can work with two different therapists as well as to have sessions with the same one. If you opt for sessions with one therapist, you will be able to achieve progress faster as a professional will be aware of the overall situation in your relationship from both sides. It will enable an expert to provide a fresh and effective solution to your particular problems.

If you and your partner have encountered serious challenges in your relationship, then couple counseling might be the right solution. Our qualified specialists are always here to support you and provide all the emotional guidance here, so you can fully rely on us. Call us right now to learn more about the service and start with couples therapy to see some tangible results shortly.

Chances to improve relationships with couples therapy are pretty high. 79% of all couples we collaborated with have left with happier and healthier relationships. For some couples, it was already impossible to reconcile, but a therapist helped them to make the separation process less painful and minimize the feeling of resentment partners might have.

Couples therapy and relationship counseling might have strong positive effects on married couples and even talk spouses out from a divorce. A therapist will apply all their skills and knowledge to dig deeper into your behavior patterns and find out undesired ways of communication and attitude, so you can learn to avoid these mistakes in the future. Couples therapy will help you minimize conflicts, improve your communication, and strengthen the relationship.

While getting started with the service, you will be asked to fill in a brief survey that includes questions regarding your preferences for a specialist you want to work with. The main advice is to give your honest answers, as based on it, a qualified therapist that matches your requirements will be assigned.