Analyzing Your Character Using Quizzes

Personality tests have been offered for decades, and on the internet, you can access a few decent quizzes at any time. These tests are quite important as they will allow you to self-reflect. After completing these tests, you will know yourself as a unique individual and not just as a member of a community. These quizzes will also make you understand your behavior, and eventually, you may have a good idea of how you may respond in certain situations.
Therapists often use such tests to guide their intervention and confirm a medical condition. Although it is possible to live without ever assessing your behavior and personality, you will find life a lot more fulfilling if you have high levels of self-awareness. Read the article to learn how you can benefit from taking personality tests.
Key Points:

  • Character tests are not completely accurate, but they can help show your general character.
  • Personality tests will allow you to explore your thought patterns.
  • Talking to a therapist will allow you to evaluate your character.
  • Understanding your character will allow you to make improvements to your friendships.

What Will I Get From a Character Test

These quizzes come in different forms and will feature different questions. It is advisable to take different tests to make comparisons of the outcomes. Eventually, you will be able to find a consistent one. Even though the tests are different, the fundamental purpose is to get the responses to these questions:

  • What is your level of happiness?
  • Which job would give you maximum satisfaction?
  • Are there any particular things that trigger emotions of happiness or unhappiness?
  • Which jobs would you never consider taking?
  • How long can you work in specific conditions?
  • Do you have special abilities?
  • Can you use your talents at work?
  • Which limitations would affect your performance at work?
  • What are you intelligent at?
  • How would you rate your level of self-esteem?
  • Which situations boost your confidence?
  • Which salary level are you comfortable with?
  • Would you want lots of leisure time?
  • Why would you want to change your lifestyle?
  • Is there anyone who would suffer because of changes in your lifestyle?
  • Which moral values do you value the most?
  • What is the primary source of your drive?
  • Are you interested in continuous learning?
  • Do you have a preferred method of learning?
  • Are there any aspects of your character that you should improve?
  • Which limitation can affect your ability to change?

When answering these questions, you have to be extremely truthful. You can check the responses with a colleague who you are close to. They can help you analyze the responses better. It is important to recognize that the brain naturally notes your actions and forms habits, meaning many of the activities you undertake through the day are automatic. You may, therefore, fail to have the best perception of your behavior. For these tests, you will have to consciously examine your behavior and personality.

Can I Rely on the Tests for Conclusive Answers?

Since there are so many personality quizzes on the internet, it would be unrealistic to assume that they are all accurate and reliable. Some of them are not even designed as serious tests and will give the same conclusion regardless of the responses you fill. In most cases, the tests are meant to evaluate these personality traits:

  • Introversion and extroversion, meaning they will analyze whether you are more focused on yourself or the world;
  • Intuition, which is the quality of relying excessively on your sixth sense;
  • Objectivity, which tests how much you use logic and reasoning to make conclusions;
  • Subjectivity, which analyzes your reliance on feelings and emotions when making decisions;
  • Assertiveness, which is the quality of following your targets aggressively;
  • Turbulence, which is the quality of lacking specific goals and wants;
  • Perception, which is the quality of being receptive to novel ideas and concepts.

Once you finish the test, you will get the responses in a five-letter acronym. You should check the reviews of specific tests before you take them, and even then, you will need to take several quizzes and get the most consistent result to discover who you are and what motivates you.
There are a few factors that can make the assessments inaccurate, and one of them is that you cannot really get a conclusive analysis of your personality by answering a few questions on the internet. A more accurate method would be to talk to a psychologist, and even then, there will be some limitations.
A personality quiz would also be inaccurate because you will find it hard to offer objective answers regarding your behavior, especially if the questions require you to analyze negative aspects of your personality. Your responses will be based on your perception of your personality, and this is usually subjective and extremely inaccurate.
You should also note that individuals usually do not have extreme personalities and will usually exhibit all traits to some extent. That is why some personality quizzes will give the analyses in percentages instead of absolute statements. For example, they can indicate that a person is 60% introverted, which simply means they lean more on the introvert side of the scale than the extrovert side.
Another important thing to remember is that personality and attitudes can be changed over time. Usually, people will change based on financial status, religion, parental status, and other social influences. After some time, you are likely to record different results on the tests.

How Do I Answer the Question, “Who Am I?”

The question “Who am I?” may seem straightforward at first, but it can be very complicated. First, you should note that human beings change all the time, so you may not be the same person tomorrow that you are today. Your personality can change because of certain circumstances. For example, people often experience personality transformations when they become parents or when they gain or lose their jobs. Instead of describing your personality in general, you should analyze yourself in the short-term. For example, you can ask yourself, “Who am I today?”
When describing yourself, you should analyze your core beliefs and values. A good way of finding out about your real values is to imagine how you would react in scary situations since our personalities are best revealed in such events. You should also analyze your preferences, likes, and dislikes.
Another essential aspect of your personality is your passion. By figuring out what your passion is, you will be able to plan your life around your main goal. For example, if your priority is health, you will not settle for jobs that will negatively affect your well-being.
To check your social needs, you can evaluate how you prefer to wind down after a hard day of work. Do you like meeting up with friends? Or do you prefer spending some time on your own? Also, you should note that introverts generally prefer planning their days while extroverts prefer being spontaneous. You also need to think about who you want to be and how you would want your personality and self-description to change in the future.
Getting a sense of yourself can be more challenging if a large chunk of your life has been spent in limiting situations like incarceration. When changing your environment, you will need to find a description of yourself, which does not include being an ex-convict.
The same problem may exist in people who are forced to end a decades-old marriage as they may already be used to describing themselves as husbands or wives. In such situations, people often have to re-craft themselves and experience the adventure of becoming new people.
It is important to avoid getting into the trap of thinking you know yourself too well. Usually, this mindset will limit your personal growth and can prevent you from looking closely at your personality and values. You should always remember that personal growth does not end at any point, and you can always become a better version of yourself.

What Else Can I Do to Understand My Personality?

Since quizzes don’t offer high levels of accuracy, you need to use other methods to learn about your personality, in addition to these quizzes. One excellent method of learning about your personality and behavior is by keeping a diary. You can note your concerns and feelings and analyze the notes for trends.
You should also add some mindfulness exercises to your daily routine, as these can help you relax and analyze your behavior. You don’t necessarily need to practice complicated meditation or yoga exercises. You can simply start by spending a few minutes on introspection every day. Instead of reflecting on your whole life, you can just pick a point of your conscious life and dissect it. By taking a personality test, you will be able to find aspects of your life which you need to analyze more.

Learn About Your Personality with Our Therapist

Personality is a complicated subject, so it may help if you work with our therapists to explore your behavior in greater detail. Since they are thoroughly trained to identify thought patterns, they will be able to better assess your personality than quizzes. You can enter a therapy room at any time of day or night as the service is open 24/7. Contact us today to start your program.

Kate Skurat

Kate Skurat

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