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Support your employees’ mental health

Due to new challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis, today’s employees need resources to help them cope with mental health issues. And they expect employers to provide them with appropriate support. Investing in behavioral health and making mental health services more accessible can have a big impact on your team and your business’ success.

Make mental health plan a part of your benefits list.

Personalized care for your team

Calmerry makes it easy to give the best mental health care to your employees. We can provide them with easy access to trained therapists who can help them learn coping skills to face life challenges. That will translate in increased productivity and engagement, and consequently, in real improvements in company performance. We offer online therapy via messaging and live video sessions to support diverse needs:

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Care for busy employees in one place

  • Text-based online counseling
  • Video therapy sessions through a secure app
  • Self-guided wellness tools and exercises
  • Educational content
  • Access from any location

Deliver mental care outcomes with Calmerry


of individuals with depression can be treated quickly and effectively, especially when symptoms are recognized early


of employees treated for depression report improved work performance

Source: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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