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Kamil Akbari

Kamil Akbari

Cybersecurity specialist, software engineer, blog author

Kamil Akbari stands at the crossroads of innovation and cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity specialist, he has contributed to shaping the digital defense landscape by creating cutting-edge cybersecurity applications. Beyond his technical acumen, Kamil actively shares ideas, trends, and security paradigms with the community through his blogs. Committed to fostering a safer digital universe and adept at making intricate technological concepts relatable, he is a true populariser in the world of cybersecurity.

Professional experience

  • CyberSecurity Content Creator at CyberSecureFox Group, Mar 2023 - Present
  • Software Engineer (Cyber Threat Intelligence/Data Acquisition Team) at Searchlight Cyber - The Dark Web Experts, 2023 - Present
  • Software Engineer (Cyber Threat Intelligence/Data Acquisition Team) at Intel 471, Feb 2022 - Mar 2023

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