Calmerry Turns 1 Year Old! Here’s What We Achieved Together

A year has passed since we started Calmerry to make therapy more affordable and easily accessible for anyone. Our goal was to build an online platform that will connect clients with licensed counselors and provide them with a safe virtual environment to talk about their mental health concerns. Since then, we have helped thousands of people improve their mental health and live more fulfilling lives, and that makes us feel empowered.

Here’s what we’ve achieved together during this year:

It was a unique and exciting challenge for all members of our team. But we know that success is the result of passion, determination, hard work, learning from mistakes, and persistence, and we are optimistic about the future of our platform. We strive for excellence and have set high standards that encourage us to constantly improve our service to exceed your expectations. We’ll continue to work hard to offer you new cool features and ensure that you can benefit from quality care, no matter where you live. Thank you for staying with us!

Nataly Onkina

Product Manager | Washington

Nataly is a product manager at Calmerry and a mental health enthusiast. She believes that therapy is a life-long journey that enables you to improve your wellness. She is a fan of mental self-care tools and an advocate of a holistic approach to mental health. Read more