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How to Incorporate the Quality Time Love Language into Your Relationship

Although you may already know that one-on-one time is incredibly important within a relationship, you may not realize that quality time is one of the 5 love languages.

Quality time is often seen as a way to strengthen a relationship. Giving each other your undivided attention can be a great time to communicate, focus on your relationship, and even avoid conflict.

But when life is busy, how can you protect your quality time to ensure both you and your partner always feel loved? Here we will look at what the quality time love language is, and simple ways you can dedicate valuable time to each other.

What are the 5 Love Languages?

The 5 love languages were identified by Dr Gary Chapman. Dr Chapman realized that individuals within a relationship often have a preference regarding how their partner expresses love. The 5 love languages are:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Receiving Gifts.

Most people will have a preference for one love language. If you and your partner are able to identify the way in which you each feel most loved and valued, you can both take steps to show your partner love in this way. Making this behavioral change to suit your partner may reduce feelings of anxiety and help you both feel more secure within the relationship.

What Is Quality Time?

If quality time is the love language of either you or your partner, you’ll need to be sure that love and affection are demonstrated by dedicating time to just the two of you. This might involve scheduling regular date nights or having phone-free evenings to give each other your undivided attention.

Quality time is a common language of love because by its very nature it demands that you and your partner make each other feel special. By intentionally reserving time away from your children, friends, or distractions such as email or the TV, you can focus on your partner and spend quality time reconnecting with each other.

Of course, modern life is busy. Kids, work, grocery shopping, and household chores can all get in the way of carving out quality time. However, if you get creative and plan ahead, it’s possible to create quality time out of even the smallest gaps in your agenda.

The Benefits of Quality Time

Don’t worry if quality time isn’t your primary love language or you feel unsure about which love language you best identify with. Reassuringly, there are very few couples who won’t benefit from investing in some quality time together.

Minimizing Distractions

Whether you have been together for decades or are in a relatively new relationship, it can be easy to let other areas of your life take priority over spending time together.

Even if you spend every evening together sitting on the couch, this time may not actually be quality time. If you are both sat scrolling through your phones, checking work emails, or immersed in a TV show, chances are you’re not connected with your partner. By the time you go to bed that night, you may barely have said two words to each other.

Quality time demands that you focus on each other, free from distractions. This is your chance to dedicate all of yourself to your partner, and to receive the same in return.

Being Present

Simply being together physically on the couch isn’t enough. Setting aside some quality time for the two of you signifies a real investment in your relationship.

Rather than switching on the TV or mindlessly scrolling, talk about how you can dedicate time to each other when you can both be completely present and free from distractions. Even the busiest of couples can find space for quality couple time.

How Сan You Include Quality Time in Your Relationship?

One of the most effective ways to make space for quality time is to plan ahead so you can enjoy quality time every day. At first, you might think this sounds unrealistic, but quality time can be created in the simplest of ways.

Eat Dinner at the Table

Sitting together to eat is a great way to reconnect and actively listen to what your partner tells you about their day. Active listening means paying attention to what is being said and reacting to it, rather than letting it wash over you. This is a great way to show your partner that you are present with them, and that you care.

Without distractions such as your cell or a TV show, you can maintain eye contact and have deeper conversations that help bring you closer to each other whilst you share a meal.

Time in Bed

Even if you don’t have any other time together that day, spend five minutes chatting or cuddling in bed at the start or end of the day. Ignore your phone and focus on each other. If you have struggled to find time for each other, five minutes can be all it takes to recouple, alleviating any worries you might have about your relationship.

Walk Together

Quality time doesn’t have to involve extravagant plans. Even if you only have 15 minutes together, go for a walk around the block. Walking side by side can feel less intimidating than talking face to face. Many people find it easier to talk openly about their feelings whilst walking with their partner. Actively listen to each other and show compassion for any worries or concerns your partner has.

Final Thoughts

Quality time is a love language that allows a couple to show their love and appreciation by dedicating regular time and undivided attention to each other. Sharing time and simple acts can lead to a deeper connection, greater contentment, and fewer anxieties within the relationship.

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