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We all spend most of our lives at work. Therefore, it’s extremely important to love what we do and do what we love. In case you came to the realization that your job doesn’t make you any closer to your dream life, then it’s time to act. Career counseling at Calmerry is an effective way to understand yourself better and get the idea of what is the perfect job that suits your personality.
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Career counselling

What Is Career Counselling Online?

Career counseling is a special form of counseling aimed at helping people who want to find or change their careers. It can be suitable for different age categories of people. Whether you are a fresh grad who needs some guidance and advice or is an accomplished professional who wants to find their passion, this will be a perfect way to find your professional purpose with the help of a licensed online career counselor.

With professional support, you will be able to define your interests, strengths, aptitudes, and abilities to make the right choice. It’s important to enjoy your career life, as it has a straight impact on your mental well-being and happiness. We will help you make the most of your education, knowledge, interests, and enthusiasm to build a professional path you will be proud of. Besides, our licensed counseling specialist will help you come up with a plan that will help you achieve your goal and build the career life you want.

How Does Everything Work?

To make the first step towards finding your dream career, you should know how the whole counseling process goes. The first step before getting started will be to create a personal account that you will use as a platform to communicate with therapists. The registration takes a few minutes, and you have to give us only some basic contact information. To stay anonymous, you can easily use an alias as we respect your privacy.

Once you are done signing up, you will have to complete a brief survey. There will be questions regarding problems you want to solve as well as about your requirements for a therapist you would love to connect with. Based on this survey, an expert with the right specialization and experience will be assigned.

Get a brief assessment

Answer a short survey to get started. Be confident when sharing your thoughts and worries.

Choose a suitable subscription plan

Get a quote based on your answers, compare the offered plans and pick the one that’s best for you.

Talk to a therapist online

Сommunicate with your online therapist through messages, worksheets, and live video sessions.

Make the most of online therapy

Follow your long-term therapy objectives and short-term goals, use guidelines, and track progress.
Schedule first counseling sessions, discuss your career-related problems, and start the counseling process. But before you do that, it’s important to choose the appropriate pricing plan that suits your budget and includes the desired range of services. Now, you can feel free to start career counseling and scheduled sessions whenever you like. Keep in mind that at Calmerry, you have a chance to communicate via text messages, have phone calls and video sessions to make it look like face-to-face counseling.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Online Career Counselling?

There are plenty of services in the industry but here are the main reasons we are considered as the most trusted and reputable counseling platform.

       Individual matching

Our experienced team will connect you with the best online therapist suited to your unique needs.

       Licensed therapists

All therapists are background-checked, verified, trained and hold valid licenses from their state.

       Advanced therapy tools

Get access to a unique therapy space where you can set up goals and track your progress in real time.

       Human-operated support

Our friendly support agents are available 24/7 to help you and give accurate answers to your questions.

       Plans for every pocket

Select the subscription plan that best suits your needs and budget. Plans start at just $53.

       Free therapist switching

If a new issue arises during therapy, we’ll match you with another therapist without charging you anything.

How Can an Online Career Counselor Help You?

Our professional life is as important as personal life. Having a satisfying career that you love and enjoy is paramount for your emotional health and general well-being. Career counseling is designated for all people who are willing to find a job that they like and are good at. During online sessions with a counseling expert, you will be able to discover your strengths that will help you succeed in a certain role, as well as weaknesses that make you less likely to succeed in a field. An online career counselor will help you find out your key soft skills as well as will offer professional fields and industries where you can apply it.

During career counseling online, you will rediscover yourself, will find your true interests that might turn into a successful professional life. Only a seasoned expert can help you understand what options fit your personality. Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling job, and you are no exception. However, you have to be ready that once you define your career interests, you might have to undergo some additional education to gain missing skills and obtain the qualification required to become a specialist.

Message your therapist whenever you need it. Receive responses daily. From just $53 a week.

text therapy
Add Video Sessions to you package to make a deep dive into therapy. From just $90 a week.
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I have changed four jobs in the past two years and I didn’t enjoy any of them. I realize that I need career counseling to find the professional path I enjoyed. A therapist helped me to dig deeper and find out who I am.


August, 2020

Thank you guys for helping me find the perfect job for me with help of online career guidance. I didn’t know what to do after college and you saved me.


September, 2020

My counselor helped me to discover my professional aptitudes, strengths, and weaknesses so I can evolve professionally in the field I will be able to succeed in. Now, I am making the first step in a new field but I like it a lot.


September, 2020

I love this service for its professionalism and great customer support. If you don’t know what to do with your professional life then specialists on this website will give you the right answer.


September, 2020

Subscription here is very affordable so everyone should try career counseling if their professional life is a mess. It helped me a lot!


September, 2020

We have so many career options so it’s not that easy to make the right decision. I wanted to switch to another industry and a counselor here helped me to make the right choice. Grateful for your help.


September, 2020

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Reasons to Consider Career Therapy

Finding a satisfying career path that suits your personality isn’t easy at all. Not everyone finds it easy to find the job they like and enjoy. In this case, career counseling sounds like a perfect solution to a problem.

Here are some good reasons that indicate you should consider career counseling at Calmerry:

  • you don’t like your job and it doesn’t bring you any satisfaction
  • you work merely to earn your living
  • you don’t grow professionally and don’t get promoted
  • you have no career goals
  • you feel anxious about your professional and personal future
  • you have no idea what to do with life
  • you have too many/ too little interests
  • you are seeking advice from people around you
  • you want to master the interviewing process

If any of these statements is true to you, then it’s the right time to try out counseling. Our qualified counseling specialists will apply professional techniques to discover your personality to define what professional path will be suitable for you. You will be able to reduce the anxiety that accompanies a lack of professional fulfillment. Once you define what career you would like to pursue, a therapist will give you advice to successfully pass your interview and how to fit your new team. Instead of struggling with searching for the perfect job on your own, get started with our counseling website, as we are here to help.

Finding the right career that perfectly matches your aptitudes and personality ain’t easy. In case you are overwhelmed by the variety of options, you can rely on our professionals. Career counseling specialists at Calmerry will offer you guidance that will help you find yourself. Call us right now to get started with services.

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