Text therapy

FAQ about Text therapy. Calmerry is a meaningful therapy for everyone. We are here to help.

It’s not possible to have an instant chat with a therapist. But you can always exchange messages with your specialist and get a quick response within a few hours. Our therapists answer clients’ questions very fast, so it won’t take that long to get the support you need.
No matter what life challenges you are facing, it’s possible to always rely on us. Get matched with a therapist that fits your needs and improve your mental well-being.

At Calmerry, there are two main ways you can communicate with a therapist: therapy through text and video sessions. You can choose a pricing plan that includes the options you prefer, combine various types of therapy if needed, and schedule them to reach out to a specialist right on time.

Our customer support team works 24/7. You can contact them using phone, email, or live chat, and they will answer all your questions.

We live in a hectic world, so it’s not always possible to attend face-to-face therapy or even make phone or video calls to talk with a professional. If there are people around you or you simply cannot have an online call, the best solution is to use text messages. Therefore, we offer our clients the most convenient way to get in touch with a therapist.

Therapy by text is very popular because it allows you to communicate with a therapist even if you are busy at work or taking care of your family. All you have to do is to write everything that’s on your mind and bothers you. A therapist will text you back as soon as possible, depending on their schedule. You will get a detailed answer with advice and guidance you might need at the moment.