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Kate Dubé

Kate Dubé

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Kate Dubé is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and mental health writer trained at UC Berkeley and UCSF. She specializes in creating a therapeutic space to work through daily stressors, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and life transitions, including parenthood. Kate incorporates her clinical expertise to create well-researched, accessible content on topics ranging from the individual to the systemic. When you-or a loved one-is struggling with a mental health issue, you can rely on her for evidence-based, empathetic, and useful information.

Professional experience

  • Health, Mental Health & Wellness Content Writer (Freelance, Sep 2017 - Present): Specializes in creating informative, warm, empathetic, inclusive, and engaging content in health, mental health, and wellness. Expertise includes healthcare systems, mental health issues, burnout, digital health, and more. Experience in conducting research in healthcare improvement at UCSF.

  • Therapist (Self-employed, Sep 2017 - Present): Provides therapy using a trauma-informed approach and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), helping clients find meaning, connection, and resilience.

  • Clinical Social Worker at University of California, San Francisco (Full-time, Sep 2016 - Present): Collaborates on improving mental health services, utilizing CBT and psychodynamic approaches in therapy, develops training content, and promotes equity-based anti-racism efforts.

  • Evaluation Manager, Center for Excellence in Primary Care at University of California, San Francisco (Full-time, May 2012 - Aug 2015): Authored research publications, presented findings, managed evaluation projects on patient engagement, team culture, and burnout.

  • Research Assistant at University of California, San Francisco (Full-time, Dec 2010 - Mar 2012): Supported studies on contraceptive decision-making, conducted interviews, focus groups, and assisted in research publication.


  • Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015.

  • Bachelor's degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, obtained in 2009.

Certifications and qualifications

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the Board Of Behavioral Sciences.

  • Completed Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals with Postpartum Support International.

  • Accredited provider for the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program: Group and Pathways by Triple P International Pty Ltd (Positive Parenting Program).

Featured publications

  • "Don’t 'Just Call the Social Worker': Training in Structural Competency to Enhance Collaboration between Healthcare Social Work and Medicine." Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare. Jan 1, 2019. Downey MM, Neff J, Dube, K.

  • "Engaging Families in Perinatal Care Improvement Efforts." Poster Session. UCSF 13th Annual Health Disparities Research Symposium. San Francisco, CA. 11 October 2019. Dubé K, Williams S, Thomas, M.

  • "Continuity of care in residency teaching practices: lessons from ‘bright spots.’" The Permanente Journal. 2018; 22: 18-28. Dubé K, Gupta R, Kong M, Knox M, Bodenheimer T.

  • "The road to excellence for primary care." Academic medicine: journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. 2016; 91(4), 458-461. Gupta R, Dubé K, Bodenheimer T.

  • "‘How Can We Talk about Patient-centered Care without Patients at the Table?’ Lessons Learned from Patient Advisory Councils." The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2016 29(6), 775-784. Sharma AE, Willard-Grace R, Willis A, Zieve O, Dubé K, Parker C, & Potter MB.

  • "Clinician perspectives on working with health coaches: a mixed methods approach." Fam Syst Health. 2015;33.3:213. Dubé K, Willard-Grace R, O’Connell B, DeVore D, Prado C, Bodenheimer T, Hessler D, Thom D.

  • "Empanelment in Residency Teaching Practices: Rising to the Challenge." Oral Presentation. North American Primary Care Research Group. Cancún, Q.R., Mexico. 26 October 2015. Dubé K, Gupta R, Willard-Grace R, Barnes K, Kong K, Olayiwola JN, Bodenheimer T.

  • "Panel management, team culture, and worklife experience." Fam Syst Health. 2015;33.3:231. Willard-Grace R, Dubé K, Hessler D, O’Brien B, Earnest G, Gupta R, Shunk r, Grumbach K.

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  • "Team-based care and primary care clinicians’ experience at work: A comparison across health systems." Oral Presentation. North American Primary Care Research Group. New York, NY. 21-25 November 2014. Dubé K, Willard-Grace R, O’Brien B, Shunk R, Earnest G, Gupta R, Bodenheimer T, Grumbach K.

  • "Understanding the Level of Integration of Safety Net Settings in the Medical Neighborhood: Development of a Conceptual Model and Assessment Tool." Oral Presentation. North American Primary Care Research Group. New York, NY. 21-25 November 2014. Dubé K, Olayiwola JN, Bodenheimer T, Willard-Grace R, Grumbach K.

  • "'We never thought of a vasectomy': a qualitative study of men and women's counseling around sterilization."

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