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Teliesha Moore

Teliesha Moore

Behavior Therapist, Child & Teen Neurodiversity Educator

🦋 Meet Teliesha Moore – a Registered Behavior Therapist, Self-Love Advocate, Child & Teen Neurodiversity Educator, and Creative Art Healing enthusiast. She is the heart and soul behind Monarch Creative Industries LLC. Her mission is simple: empower all ages to embrace self-love, celebrate neurodiversity, and make mental health accessible. Teliesha’s unique journey blends her role as a Behavior Therapist for kids with Autism and her mission to create a more inclusive world. She's a dedicated writer, a creator of online courses, a mom, and a published author (Author Teliesha.Sharee), who guides readers through inner child healing and self-discovery. What sets Teliesha apart is her unwavering belief in healing through creative arts. She stands for transformation, growth, and self-acceptance. Through her work, she aims to inspire others to spread their wings and embrace their true selves. Join Teliesha's journey of self-love, acceptance, and healing through creativity at Monarch Creative Industries LLC.

Professional experience

  • Patient Care Technician, Inova Health System (Sep 2017 - Nov 2018. Worked primarily in Behavioral Health Unit/Inpatient Adolescent Psychiatry. Skills: Mental Health Advocacy, Behavior Management, Conflict Resolution, Quality Patient Care, Interpersonal Skills, Working with Children, Mental Health, Behavioral Health.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant, BrightStar Care (Aug 2019 - Mar 2020)

  • Behavioral Therapist, Behavioral Framework (Jun 2022 - Present): Skills include Documentation, Educational Materials, Attention to Detail, Instructional Design, Mental Health, Digital Art, Writing, Communication, Diversity, Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Creative Director and Book Writer, Monarch Creative Industries LLC (Jan 2021 - Present).


  • Montgomery College: Sociology, Healthcare, Administration (2019 - 2023)

Certifications and qualifications

  • Certified Life Coach, Alison (Issued Jan 2024). Skills: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Social Listening, Educational Materials.

  • Instructional Design, Black On The Job (Issued May 2023). Skills: ADDIE, Learning Management Systems, Instructional Design, Pedagogy, E-Learning, Educational Materials.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Maryland Board of Nursing. Skills: Quality Patient Care, Working with Children, Mental Health.

  • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), Crisis Prevention Institute. Skills: Behavioral Health, Behavior Management, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health.

  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), Behavioral Framework. Skills: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Child Advocacy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Working with Children, Mental Health.

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