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Motivation is important for everyone because it builds determination to achieve something. It allows us to work on our weaknesses, develop competencies and talents, change behavior, set goals, make plans, and focus on priorities in life. Explore this section to learn more about motivation and how to get more of it.

overcoming fear of success Motivation

Overcoming Fear of Success: Why We’re Afraid to be Our Best

Reading Time: 6 minutes Most of us want to set goals for ourselves, so that we can feel a sense of accomplishment when we achieve them. Having life goals also gives us something to work towards and creates meaning and purpose in our lives. While many people do want to experience successes in life, some may have an underlying fear of success. For some people, anxiety surrounding personal achievement…

February 23, 2022


Understanding Willpower: 4 Ways to Reach Your Goals

Reading Time: 5 minutes I don’t know about you, but I have definitely hit the snooze button and passed up on morning exercise after vowing the night before that I would get up early and get moving. It’s still dark. I need more sleep. I’ll do it tomorrow… There is a pervasive idea that we can improve our lives with the golden ticket of willpower. But how much control…

July 30, 2021

motivation Motivation

How to Improve Motivation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Motivation is the drive many of us feel to behave in a certain way, complete certain tasks or to strive to reach our goals. However, periods of stress, anxiety or depression can all lead to a severe dip in our levels of motivation, affecting our self-esteem and making it difficult to accomplish the things we would like to. In this article we will look at…

July 13, 2021

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