How to Tell That Your Wife Doesn't Love You Anymore

How to Tell That Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Love can’t fade away suddenly. There must have been a trigger that caused it to happen: quarrels, misunderstandings, financial problems. Usually, the main reason is the routine of family life. On the one hand, it’s good to wake up together in the morning, have breakfast, drive to work together, meet in the evening after work, and spend time together watching a movie. Of course, there is no harm in having such a routine. However, it can bore your wife very fast. She wants to experience those exciting moments, like the first dates and those “butterflies in the stomach”. Moreover, she lacks romance.

If your wife claims that she doesn’t love you anymore, don’t give up, it is worth trying to find love again and remain a family. For starters, try adding something new to your relationship.

The other popular reason is neglect. Do you like to spend weekends and time after work in a company of friends, at the computer, or were you “doing your own business”? You need to devote more time to your second half! Even though you are not just dating, you are already married, you need to involve your wife more in your life. This problem usually occurs over time. Your wife may be upset that you stopped paying attention, making compliments, and are not interested in spending time with her. As time goes by like this, she may begin to shut her husband out of her life. Usually, after this, she begins to realize that love has faded away.

If you think this describes your current situation, continue reading. In this article, you are going to learn:

  • What signs to look for when you suspect that your wife stopped loving you;
  • What to do to make her feel something towards you again;
  • Where you can find help with relationships and marriage.

There is always something that can be done to make things better for marriage. Truth be told, you need to do something for it. The problem will never fade away by itself.

5 Signs Your Wife Stopped Loving You

Has your wife become inattentive and irritable? How to know if she has stopped loving you? It is also possible that her feelings towards you have faded away. These may be the signs that indicate your wife no longer loves you. But you can never know how she feels about your relationship unless you ask her about it.

Lack of Respect

If the wife doesn’t love her husband, what signs can indicate this? The very first and main sign is a disrespectful attitude. In conflict situations, a woman can offend her husband without feeling guilty and not tormented by remorse. Often she scoffs at the abilities of a once-beloved man, criticizes him, and constantly emphasizes that he is not capable of anything. Often the husband’s appearance becomes an object for nagging.

She Becomes Distant

Love dies slowly. And the beginning of it can be observed by the presence of emotional distance. For example, when the wife shares her feelings with you less often, forgets about promises, does not notice your mood. You may notice that your wife does not seek to spend time with you and tries not to make any plans for the future, and all your conversations boil down to discussing household duties or quarrels. One day you will notice that the once caring and attentive wife has turned into a stranger who doesn’t care about you. No matter how hard a woman tries, she cannot hide the lack of love.

Your Wife Stopped Caring About You

It is a sure sign that means your wife stopped to love you. If she does not listen to you, is not interested in your issues, does show initiative, then there are problems in your marriage. If you try to have a heart-to-heart talk, she will either ignore the conversation or end the dialogue in conflict.  A woman may still fulfill her domestic and marital duties, but she does it by inertia, without showing any emotional effort. Indifference also manifests itself in inattention towards you – she often forgets important dates, about your requests, and does not show concern. If this behavior is not due to serious problems in a woman’s life, there is nothing to guess – she stopped loving you.

Lack of Physical Contact

Love is an attraction on an emotional and physical level. It’s not just about intimacy. People that love each other like to kiss, hug, and hold hands. If the couple lacks physical contact in this form, the feeling of love dries up. And, of course, the lack of love is also manifested in intimacy, which becomes monotonous with time. If you notice that your wife doesn’t want to have any type of physical contact with you, there are some serious problems in your relationship.

Your Wife Lives Her Own Life

Sometimes there are cases when a woman who no longer loves strives for freedom. Gatherings with friends, romantic weekend getaways, vacation plans gradually disappear from life, and she chooses to spend her free time herself. Moreover, she does not tell you about her plans. Emotional distance also entails physical distance. If your wife strives with all her might to spend as much time as possible without you, you might want to ask her if she has any feelings towards you at all.

What Can You Do if Your Wife Stopped Loving You?

If a woman says that she doesn’t love you, you can act in different ways: part with her or try to bring the feeling back to love. Experts believe that in a situation where a woman does not love her husband, and there are more and more signs that divorce is not far off, it is not worth fighting for a relationship. Indifference, betrayal, and a riotous lifestyle are signs that one cannot ignore.

But remember that there are cases when it is still possible to make your wife fall back in love with you. Here are such cases: 

  • The aggressive or indifferent behavior of a woman is observed only occasionally; this may be a feature of temperament or character;
  • Her behavior is a response to the spouse’s actions, and love is, in fact, still alive; 
  • A woman behaves in such a way that one gets the impression that her feelings have disappeared, while a man acts in the same way, but does not notice it. 
  • The wife mirrors her husband’s behavior. 

Of course, if the husband’s feelings are very strong, there is no need to give up so immediately; it is still worth fighting for love. In situations when the relationship is only painful, and you suffer, it is better to let it go. A woman and a man may simply not be made for each other.

You may be wondering, “How can I save a relationship if my wife doesn’t love me?” Sometimes this problem can be solved with romance, and care. Here are also some tips that you can try out.

  • Analyze your relationship and find the reason why your wife’s feelings began to cool out. 
  • Try to talk with your loved one. Find the right moment for this. It is essential that both of you are calm and that you have enough free time to talk.
  • A man can surround his beloved with attention, affection, thereby reviving old feelings. 
  • Try to spend as much time as possible with your spouse, travel, visit exhibitions, go to the theater. 
  • It is good practice to see a family counselor. These specialists can help save even seemingly hopeless relationships.

Try to do everything mentioned above. Sometimes people are afraid to do family counseling or think that this is humiliating. The good thing is that there are online platforms that offer such services, for example, Calmerry. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just open your laptop, go to the website, and ask for help. Experienced and qualified counselors will be waiting there to help your marriage succeed.

Also, if everything doesn’t go the way you hoped, try to accept the situation. The tactics of a man’s behavior will largely depend on his character and temperament. But, in the case when the relationship is already destroyed, and there is no point in fighting for the preservation of the relationship, you should accept the fact of what has happened as soon as possible and start a new life. 

There is no need to waste time with a person who does not want to know you or continue a relationship that destroys both. Feelings should inspire new achievements, lead forward, contribute to the development of personality. When emotions are so exhausting that there is no strength left for a fulfilling life, the desire for such a relationship has to be reconsidered.

The Bottom Line

Now you know what to do if your wife has stopped loving you. If a woman is dear to you, you can try to bring back those old feelings, but you should not humiliate yourself, fall on your knees, begging her to stay, or blackmail her. Remember to respect the woman’s feelings. If your wife’s love does not come back, let her go. That will give you a chance to meet another woman with whom you can become happy. 

Every marriage is different. The best way to know for sure whether your wife still loves you and figure out your issues is by attending marriage therapy. If you both want your marriage to last, you have to work hard for it. Contact us to learn more about how online therapy can help you.

Kate Skurat

Kate Skurat

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