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In the US, eating disorders impact approximately 20 million women and 10 million men. They are not lifestyle choices, but serious medical conditions that involve focusing too much on food, body weight, and body shape, leading to dangerous eating behaviors. In this section, you’ll find information about some of the most common eating disorders and treatments that can help return to healthier eating habits.

What Is Binge Eating Disorder Eating Disorders

What Is Binge Eating Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Reading Time: 8 minutes Everyone may overeat from time to time. For example, you may occasionally eat an entire bag of cookies in one sitting, finish a bag of popcorn while watching a movie, or have a celebratory five-course meal. But if you find yourself binge eating regularly – once a week over a period of three months, you may have a binge eating disorder, which is a serious…

February 24, 2022

How Do I Know I Have an Eating Disorder Eating Disorders

12 Warning Signs of Eating Disorders You Shouldn’t Ignore

Reading Time: 5 minutes Eating disorders are consistent unhealthy eating behaviors that affect one’s health. These disorders also affect a person’s emotions and their ability to function in various areas of life. The most common ones include: Bulimia nervosa Binge eating disorder Anorexia nervosa People with these eating disorders tend to focus too much on their body weight and image. As a result, their eating habits are negatively impacted,…

March 3, 2021

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