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Do you need someone to talk to?
Stop feeling lonely

Do you feel like you need to talk to someone right now? Are you feeling isolated?
Sometimes, we don’t have someone to talk to, to tell about our problems and feelings. And the number of people around us doesn’t matter. We can feel lonely when we’re surrounded by others, even by friends.

We can feel like that because we seek someone to listen to us without any judgment. Not having such a person might make us feel desperately lonely and isolated, especially when we think that everyone has such someone to talk to, except for us. This feels absolutely horrible and nearly unbearable.

But the truth is that everyone feels like that sometimes because it’s extremely hard to always have such a non-judgemental listener. And it’s completely okay to feel lonely.

Why do you need to stop feeling lonely?

Well, except for this condition being absolutely unbearable, there are other reasons to do something with it. If we remain lonely for a long time, we endure a high level of stress that impacts us greatly. Therefore, prolonged loneliness can cause serious physical issues.

Fortunately, technology allows us to connect to the right people effortlessly. An online therapy platform is the best way to escape feeling isolated when you need to vent.

Research shows that those feeling lonely often have more active white blood cells. This can cause chronic inflammation as your body turns to attack itself. Also, lonely people often get depressed — however, this might work vice versa, too.

That perhaps is a reason why loneliness is so unbearable for us. This feeling is in our genes, trying to save us from the worst. Ancient societies couldn’t afford to wander around alone. If one was left behind by a group, they hardly could survive alone. That’s why a human is a highly social creature. And that’s why we need to interact with other people, feel connected to them. When we are surrounded by those who care about us, it might even lengthen our life span and make us healthier.

Are you the only one being so isolated?

It’s easy to get tricked by social media as we see pictures of people hanging out together. But the thing is that we never know if that is happening right now or if that person is posting photos from months before. Additionally, we don’t know whether they feel connected or lonely surrounded by all those people because we have no idea about the reality of their relationships.

And even if we have someone ready to listen to us, we might feel scared to tell them everything for different reasons. We might feel uncomfortable opening up even before close friends merely because we’re not used to it. Or maybe, you got hurt by someone in the past when you told them about your concerns. And perhaps, you know that your friends won’t really understand what you’re going through.

It’s useful to understand why exactly you can’t open up to people around you. That can help you figure out the solution.

How to stop being lonely

It can be challenging to find a person to talk to. Yet, after you found them, you might feel like opening up to them is even a bigger challenge. Especially if that’s a close friend or family member — you simply might not be used to being open with them.

You should remember that friends and family might not have any solution to your problems. But they will at least listen to you and try to understand your emotional state of mind. And if it’s very hard for you to be open right away, start with baby steps. Begin telling them that you had a difficult day, or maybe that you’re scared of not knowing what’s going to happen, for example. Eventually, you will feel comfortable with telling more details and expressing your feelings.

However, there is a shortcut. It’s often easier to open up to a stranger or a therapist because these people don’t really impact your life. If this way feels more like you, an online therapy platform will be the best solution. Here you can find professionals who will help you with anything you are facing at the moment.

To combat loneliness, you need to begin reaching out to people even in the smallest steps. We are sure that soon you will start feeling more connected and fulfilled.