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How Men Fall in Love and How Their Brain Responds

When we think of love, we think of the heart, but love really happens in the brain. As you go through the stages of love, certain neural activity occurs. Love is very much a process, but interestingly, the process differs slightly between men and women. How men fall in love is not the same as how women do. And that’s what we’ll be looking at…

September 16, 2021

valentines day long distance Love

How to Be Kind to Yourself on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single or in Long-Distance Relationships

Valentine’s Day is associated with love, romance, and enjoyment, and it’s a happy occasion for many. Yet it can be stressful for people who are single or in long-distance relationships. Displays of roses, teddy bears, and couple getaways are all aggressive reminders of how much you will miss out on. Still, it’s just one of the days of the year. While there’s tons of pressure…

February 11, 2021

Top Romantic Quotes for This Valentine’s Day Love

Top Romantic Quotes for This Valentine’s Day

Every day is a chance to reaffirm our commitment and affection towards those with whom we are in romantic relationships. However, on February 14th of each year, people get a chance to honor their love for each other by sending gifts, flowers, and messages of love. The ritual of showing love and affection to those we care about has a long-standing history, originating way back…

February 9, 2021

12 Tips to Keep Your Romantic Relationship Strong Love

Effective Tips On Building Strong Relationships

When you’re in the honeymoon stage of your relationship, keeping the flame ablaze is effortless. The mere sight of the person you love is enough to send butterflies to your stomach. However, love is just the cherry on top of the cake if you want a healthy long-lasting relationship. It takes time and effort to build a lasting relationship. Therefore, if you believe the person…

February 9, 2021

why people hurt others Love

Why do people hurt others?

“You’ve been hurt before… hurt people, they hurt people.” These lyrics by the Irish rock band, The Script, seem so relatable. Is it true that people hurt their loved ones because someone hurt them before? Well, yes and no. Why do people hurt others? The psychology behind hurting people that you love is quite complicated. You may do it intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone expects to…

October 26, 2020

Female Body Language Love

Top 20 Examples of Female Body Language And What They Mean

Key Takeaways: Body language is a reliable form of communication; Understanding female body language improves communication in a relationship; Online counseling helps men and women learn how to communicate effectively using verbal and nonverbal cues.  Body language is the fastest form of communication. It influences how others perceive us because it is the most truthful language. The female body is no exception; it conveys an…

October 9, 2020

Why Do Some People Show too Much Empathy Towards Animals - calmerry Love

People Who Love Animals More Than People: Psychology of Empathy

Most people love animals and treat their pets like members of the family. Pets provide companionship, bring joy to our lives, give us affection, and we do everything we can to ensure their well-being and happiness. Only humans can bond so closely with members of other species and make animals part of their family. Pets are embedded into many human cultures. We give cats and…

September 17, 2020

Why Love and Sex Are Inseparable - calmerry Love

Discover the Reasons Why Love Is Associated with Sex

Love and sex are dissimilar things. In society, however, there are exist various perceptions of how the two relate. Some view them interchangeably and assume that love will always be present as long as sex is there. This perception can result in challenges in a relationship. Others think that the two aren’t related. They hold an opinion that even if one is absent, there would…

September 17, 2020

mixed sugnals - calmerry Love

Getting Mixed Signals? It May Be Why

Here’s a scenario: you met a guy, there was chemistry, sparks flew, you had some dates, then he ghosted. Now you’re wondering what you did to scare him off. You even start to think that maybe he doesn’t like you anymore. A few days or weeks later, he calls you up with the same enthusiasm, and the cycle begins again. What’s going on? Here are…

September 9, 2020

My Wife Doesn’t Love Me - calmerry Love

What Should I Do If My Wife Isn’t In Love with Me Anymore?

When you walk down the aisle to marry the girl of your dreams, you can’t help but have a “forever” feeling in mind. It is the person you’re going to share life and grow old with. It never occurs to any couple that the love they share may fizzle out. It happens. Marriage is challenging. As you go through the relationship, you’ll argue with your…

September 2, 2020

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