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Know How to Recognize Predatory Behavior in a Relationship

Predatory behavior is one of the unhealthy toxic behavior patterns that a person might encounter in their life. A predator can be anyone around you from a colleague, to a family member, friend, or a romantic partner. 
If you have been wondering what predatory behavior is and how to recognize it in your relationships, keep reading. We have prepared plenty of useful information you should know to avoid such a person at all costs. 

What Is Predatory Behavior?

Predatory behavior is an unhealthy and toxic manner of behaving that can be demonstrated by assaulting someone on a physical, sexual, or emotional level. In the case of a sexual predator, such a person can rape women or fondle them in the crowd. In addition to violent assault, a predator can also behave cruelly by beating up a woman. Violent behavior can also be channeled on people with a certain race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. 
An emotional predator is willing to cause emotional pain to weaker people and feel satisfaction from insulting or humiliating others. A predator is looking for a victim and makes everything to dominate their individuality and desires. If you feel that another person suppresses you physically or mentally, let’s find out the main traits of a predator to cut them out of your life.

How to Identify You Have a Relationship with a Predator

Here are the main signs that you have a relationship with a predator. Read carefully to identify a toxic partnership right on time to change your life for better and stop letting abuse yourself. 

Wild Feelings Toward a Certain Group of People

In case your partner has some strong feelings about a certain group of people, they might be a predator. It can be people judged by their:

  • Appearance
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion

Suppose you have heard negative opinions about these people from your partner multiple times. In that case, it can be an early sign of predatory behavior towards people that belong to a certain social group. 
A predator usually says what they would like to do to all these people or even commit sexual attacks or other violent acts against group members. It’s time for you to do some thinking to understand what your partner is capable of when it comes to you.  

Great at Lying

A predator will never show you their true traits and emotions. They will lie about everything based on a strategy they choose to follow. You will never know what they really think and feel at the moment. 
You might notice from time to time that in different companies, your partner behaves weirdly, tells stories, and expresses thoughts that you have never heard of before, which contradicts their usual convictions.
A predator will fake not just their stories but also their emotions. They tend to pretend to be a nice kind person that is willing to become more intimate with you. They must fake these emotions to evoke a deep feeling of attachment in you, gain your trust to manipulate and abuse you in the future, and justify it with their love. 

Adjust Their Behavior with Different People

A partner with predatory behavior is a master of perception management. They can make people think of them what they want them to think. A predator can adjust their attitude and behavior based on a situation and a person or group of people they communicate with. 
He might lie to make him look better in a company or demonstrate atypical personal traits. A predator will do whatever it takes to give life to their plans and intentions. It is so, even if it means becoming completely different in the eyes of other people, including you. 
Be careful with such suspicious behavior. It might mean that you are involved with a double-faced predator who can cause you emotional pain someday.

Lack of Empathy

It is a very serious sign that you should pay attention to. A lack of empathy for other people and even animals can be a trait of a sociopath that might cause you harm. A predator can simulate this feeling, but, in fact, they are unable to demonstrate any empathy to anyone. And you are no exception to this rule. 
A person who lacks empathy is preoccupied with their own personality and unable to pay attention to others’ feelings as they simply don’t care. If you are going through a tough period and tell your partner about your troubles, he won’t listen and try to change it. Beware of such attitude and behavior as it might turn against you.  

They Seem Perfect at First

If your partner seems perfect and flawless at first, it can be another sign of potential predatory behavior. They can tell you huge stories about their life as well as about your future together. 
If a person seems perfect to you, then keep in mind that most likely, such a partner is hiding a dark side of their personality that you will meet one day. He might create a perfect image and manipulate you in the future.
Also, a typical predator is very attentive at the early stages of a relationship, and they call and text you a lot. It is a great strategy that enables them to create a dependency from your side. Then your partner with predatory behavior can use your trust and loyalty against you. 

Use Manipulative Phrases

Using manipulative language is another sign of an emotional predator that can cause you mental harm at any time. A predator can mock their victim’s appearance, clothing, voice, behavior, family friends that don’t meet predator’s convictions and expectations. This victim can be you. 
A person can blame you and make you feel guilty for things you are not responsible for. When you are emotionally exhausted, they will make you feel even worse, control, and manipulate you with mere words. 

They Find Excuses for Their Actions

A predator is never wrong. Such a person always finds excuses for their actions as they lack personal responsibility. A predator can play a victim and blame everyone around him, including you. They usually use lots of lies and manipulations to keep their positive flawless image, even using other people’s feelings. 
They always play the role of a blamer and cannot accept that they can be wrong. It might lead to further emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. You can also tend to justify all his negative actions. So, next time, think carefully whether it’s your partner’s fault or not. 

Control Everything

Abusive predatory people love to have control over a situation and people that surround them, including their romantic partner. A predator will make everything possible to control all your decisions, feelings, thoughts, as well as people you spend time with and activities you do. 
An abusive partner might even isolate you from your family members and friends. Analyze your love life and make sure you don’t go for the same controlling person. In any case, you need to cut this circle to be in control of your own life and decisions. 

How to Escape a Predatory Behavior in Your Relationship

If you feel that you are in an unhealthy relationship, it’s high time to seek professional help. It is the situation that requires additional expert support and assistance. If you want to get some effective advice on how to stand against such behavior or end the relationship, you can try out online counseling. 
It becomes more and more popular as it’s completely safe and confidential. You will have a chance to connect with an experienced specialist to discuss everything that bothers you and receive professional support. In addition, online services are less expensive so that anyone can afford it. 
There are multiple ways to communicate with therapists. It’s possible to text them in a live chat, make phone or video calls. The main thing is not to sit down and suffer but to solve this burdening issue to live a healthy and happy life. We offer a wide range of specialists. So, you can learn more about our services and get started now by signing up. Start today and make your first step to a better life!
Keep in mind that if a person commits violent physical or sexual acts against you or another person you know, don’t hesitate to turn to local authorities in case you have evidence. It’s important to report this kind of behavior to eliminate potential threats to society. 

Summing It Up

Here are some important things that you should remember: 

  • Predatory behavior is a sign of a toxic relationship that is usually accompanied by physical, sexual, and emotional abuse
  • Learn how to discern a predator in your life to end such relationships and live a healthy life
  • You don’t have to keep suffering, and the main thing you should do is to get psychological support or turn to local authorities

Acknowledging that you are involved in a relationship with a partner that demonstrates predatory behavior is already a big step. You have to understand that it’s unhealthy and you should do everything possible to end this kind of relationship. It will do you nothing but physical and emotional harm. It’s never too late to get some help and start changing your life for the better. So, contact us today and talk with one of our counselors!

Kate Skurat

Kate Skurat

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