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Individual therapy will help you make quality changes in your life. Every person has different needs, so it’s important to provide each customer with the most personalized approach and treatment. We will connect you with the best industry specialists so you can change your life for the better and become a new version of yourself.

  • Human-centered therapist matching process
  • Affordable way to achieve a balanced life
  • Licensed therapists you can trust

88% clients

found Calmerry to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy

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found it to be more convenient than traditional therapy

98% clients

think Calmerry connected them with the therapist who was a good match

What Is Individual Therapy?

If you are wondering, “what is individual therapy,” then you should know that this is one of the psychotherapy forms applied for each person to get the most tailored and personalized treatment, mental guidance, and support. Individual therapy allows people to achieve tangible results faster and helps cope with a wide range of mental issues and emotional challenges. Unlike group therapy sessions, all attention and focus of a therapist are placed on improving your well-being and changing your life for the better.

A licensed professional will apply psychotherapy methods, techniques, and approaches that suit your personality to advance in the treatment process faster. During a session, you will be able to discuss everything that bothers you and negatively impact your emotional condition. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, phobias, or any other mental challenge, you can always share your thoughts, feelings with a counselor to find relief and become a healthier person.

Easy start in therapy

Get a brief assessment

Answer a few questions to get started. Be confident when sharing your thoughts and worries.

Choose how you get therapy

Pick the subscription plan that’s best for your lifestyle and budget. Get matched with a therapist that fits you.

Start online therapy

Chat with your therapist privately or have live video sessions. Build a life with greater meaning.

How Does Individual Psychotherapy Work?

If you are willing to get started with individual therapy, you should know more about the process. On our platform, everything is very simple, so that you can benefit from qualified help right away. First, you have to create your personal account to get access to the services and scheduled sessions. Provide us with some basic contact information to sign up. If you want to stay anonymous, you can always use an alias instead of a real name, as we respect your desire to be private.

Once you are done, you will have to complete and submit a brief questionnaire. Here, you need to tell more about issues you want to resolve with individual online therapy, as well as mention what your expectations are regarding a future therapist.

Meanwhile, get familiar with the pricing plan options available and choose the one that suits your budget and includes all services you would love to get. The best matching specialist will be assigned within one day, and after this, you can already have an initial consultation and start scheduling text or video sessions to achieve progress and get better soon.

Main benefits of individual psychotherapy online

Individual therapy provided online has plenty of benefits in comparison with usual in-person sessions. Here are a few reasons we are the best on the market.

Affordable prices

If you have never tried individual therapy before, as it’s pretty expensive, then it’s high time to make it finally happen and improve your life for the better. On our website, you will find the most reasonable pricing plan options. So everyone can benefit from online individual therapy sessions.

Top-notch service

Our specialists have the relevant education, licenses, and years of hands-on experience to provide you with quality service and make you satisfied. They have all the qualifications needed to help you make significant changes in your life and improve your well-being. They will find a personalized approach to each client. So they can receive a tailored treatment plan.

Transparent cost estimates

We are transparent about our pricing policy. There are no hidden extra fees. The only payment you need to make is for your monthly subscription based on what service range you want to get access to.

Convenience in use

There is no need to waste your time commuting to a therapist’s office. Modern technologies enable you to have text or video sessions from any device you like. You can connect with your therapist while laying on a couch or staying late in the office.

Extreme safety & confidentiality measures

We care about your privacy and confidentiality. Keep in mind that all the information on a website is encrypted to prevent any potential leakage. Also, everything you discuss with your therapist stays between you two only.


Our website is user-friendly and very simple to use. The interface is easy to navigate and very intuitive. You will be able to schedule and have sessions in just a few clicks. And our dedicated support team will always help you out in case you have some technical issues.

Individual therapy with licensed psychologists

Connecting with the right professional therapist is very important to achieve tangible results and progress. Instead of dealing with all your problems on your own, you have a chance to rely on our certified and licensed professionals who are here to offer you the most effective solution, advice, and guidance. Having sessions online is a great way to get a consistent treatment that will positively impact your life. A therapist will be able to come up with a solid treatment plan to address all problems that disrupt your daily life.

A professional counselor will make everything possible to identify your unhealthy behaviors and change your mindset to solve many problems. The main advantage of getting individual therapy online is that you can connect with local specialists and the best professionals throughout the country. Suppose you have a challenging period in your life that makes you worry all the time. In that case, individual therapy will help you make the right lifestyle and mindset changes under the qualified guidance of our specialists.

Reviews of customers who tried therapy




Online counseling helped us improve our relationship a lot. I had counseling sessions by myself, but it had a positive effect. My counselor helped me find ways to get a better understanding of my partner. I have changed my behavior, and our relationships improved. I’m very satisfied with my counselor’s approach and with the overall website support.

December, 2020




This platform helped my girlfriend and me find solutions to serious relationship problems that affected our lives. Now, we feel some amazing changes, thanks to your professional guidance.

December, 2020




I was so frustrated and suffered from low self-esteem resulting from continuous emotional abuse. I’m glad that I came across this website. My therapist really helped me a lot, and now I feel so much better.

March, 2021




This online service is certainly the best. I have tried another one and didn’t like it at all. Here, I felt some emotional improvements just after 3 sessions. Thanks!

February, 2021




I felt really low, and then it started getting even worse. None of my friends could cheer me up, so they recommended me to find a therapist. I saw lots of positive reviews of this website, so I decided to try it out and never regretted it. Now I gain peace of mind and inner calm. Now I can enjoy my life all over again.

December, 2020




After 10 years of our marriage, we started feeling some tension and become bored with our life together. We wanted to save the relationship, so we decided to try out online counseling. Frankly, I was pretty skeptical about all this, unlike my wife. Yet, the service exceeded my expectations. We managed to work all major relationship issues out with the help of our therapist. Thanks…

January, 2021




I want to say thank you to my counselor and to the Calmerry team! You did an incredible job for me; your career counseling was more than effective.

December, 2020




Thanks to Calmerry, I learned to look at my life problems from a different perspective and cope with my anxiety, and now I feel much better. I enjoyed communicating with my counselor. Everything was smooth and professional. I would recommend this individual therapy service to everyone. Great job, you guys!

December, 2020


Roger Vaccaro


I am proud to say that I work at Calmerry because they have a very positive and welcoming culture. They really care about their clients and provide a great service. And they are constantly working on improving their platform.

March, 2021

Personal Therapy Q&A

If you have some questions left about individual therapy, then check out a brief Q&A below to get an even deeper insight into the whole process.

Individual therapy is a perfect way to solve all a variety of personal issues and problems. In case you are going through a challenging period in your life and feel that some additional support and guidance won’t hurt, then this is certainly for you. Online services have extreme advantages in comparison with in-person individual therapy, as you can have sessions and communicate with a licensed specialist while staying at home. It’s your chance to have professional treatment in the most comfortable environment.

We expect our therapists to respond to clients’ questions daily (at least 5 days a week). We do not expect you to be online 24/7, and you may have the working hours that suit you best. Please negotiate your schedule with the client via secure chat.

Group therapy is a more affordable way to get professional help. However, considering that a therapist will have to work with a few individuals during a session, you can get less attention that you might require. Individual therapy will let a counselor focus on your issues fully and provide effective treatment. The last option will let you achieve progress much faster.

A few family members are involved in the therapy process, whereas individual therapy is designated for a separate individual to cope with personal issues and emotional problems.

For more information, please visit our FAQ

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