Color Coded: What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Black means doom. You probably have this superstition engraved in your mindset. There is no scientific evidence that shows black connotes doom. Colors have a deeper meaning than just pigmentation. Well, there are various answers you will receive from different people. Our choice of colors influences a deep-rooted correlation with our personality patterns.
Many people tend to express their emotions, feelings, and opinions with colors. However, color has a much deeper meaning in pointing out a personality. Remember how you cannot live in an apartment with a pink color? Or how can you not wear black on your way to school? It speaks much more about you as a person.

What Is Color Psychology?

Research in the field of color is one of the most underrated scientific discoveries in this century. Isaac Newtown discovered the visible color wavelengths when passed through a prism, but most people only remember the laws of gravity.
Research in color is paving the way for use in the formulation of marketing strategies. Researchers are looking into ways a color creates an effect on the mood and person’s behavior. Further research is learning how one’s choice of color can be an intricate display of their personality traits.
The color psychology dates back to ancient times when the Egyptians practiced chromotherapy. It has evolved into the current colorology sessions used by therapists. The application of colorology in therapy sessions is gaining mass popularity as an alternative treatment.

What Colors Make You Feel

Your personality is rooted in your emotions. How you respond to things or situations says a lot about your personality. Your emotions often drive your personality. Colors play a huge role in showcasing your emotions.
Warm color tends to evoke different emotions compared to dark colors. Let’s say you got engaged and want to show off to your friends at the dinner party. Chances are you will go for bright colors that show happiness.
Take another instance: unfortunately, you break up with your fiancé. What are the chances you will be stuck crying in your room wearing a black hood for the rest of the week? Your guess is good as mine.

Colors and Emotions

Our choice of color influences a deep system, entwined with our emotions and personality. The emotions respond to a particular set of color brightness ranging from the shade or tone. It also impacts whether it is a cool or warm color.

Warm Colors

Some example of warm colors includes orange, yellow, and red. The warm colors usually have a link to happiness, energy, and optimism. Red is also known to indicate the appetite or signal danger.

Cool Colors

These include purple, green, and blue. Most of these colors evoke feelings of sadness or a somber mood. Most companies tend to incorporate these colors during marketing to appeal to customers. It is an indicator of health, security, and beauty.

Happy Colors

It includes bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, and pink. Most of these colors are known to enlighten the mood in the room. What type of scented candles do you use for a romantic evening? It is probably one of these colors in this category.

Sad Colors

If you have attended a funeral, you probably have seen most of these colors. Contrary to popular opinion, black is not the only color that shows sadness. Grey is another quintessential somber color. Other colors that evoke the same feeling include blue, neutrals, and green. In Western culture, black is an indicator of mourning, while for Asian countries, it can be white.

Calming Colors

Have you ever seen a person rock a certain color outfit that calms you? Well, for a long time, pastel colors have been known to create that effect on people. Neutrals, including grey, white, or beige, are also known to create that aura.

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You

Does your favorite color explain your overall personality? Do you wear purple outfits all the time because it is your sense of fashion, or are you sociable? Having an idea about these traits go a long way in describing your nature and those of others. Here is a breakdown of what most people’s favorite colors say about them.

Favorite Color Is Black

In case you are a rock fan, then black is the order of the day for you. It means you are in a struggle to be recognized, either in society or family. It shows you have an artistic side to you but fails in sharing with others.
In most cases, these people are polite, conventional, a bit recluses, and worldly. Psychology often points to black as a sign of depression.
Here are some of your traits:

  • You are not that outspoken but like to keep your life private
  • You are irked by the societal perspective of things and situations
  • You have deep feelings and emotions that you do not show
  • You are afraid to open to your artistic side
  • You have a strong sense of self-control

Favorite Color Is Purple

You are an outgoing person who blends in with crowds well. You have high interpersonal skills and make friends easily. You are a perfectionist who cares about the feelings of other people. You have a big heart when it comes to helping others.
You have a great eye and pay attention to the finer details. You like getting immersed in the world, and one of your hobbies is traveling. You probably signed up for debate or scouts club while in high school. Here are some of your traits:

  • You have a great sense of humor
  • You are a highly intuitive person in nature
  • Most people like being around you because of the aura you bring
  • You are a natural-born leader who held several leadership roles while in school
  • You are proactive and take actions without any supervision

Favorite Color Is White

White is often associated with peace. Raising a white flag means accepting peace. It is hard to analyze a person who likes the color white. Some of the traits you are likely to find out about the person are:

  • You love with all your heart
  • You have an eclectic taste for art
  • You cannot leave your bed in the morning undone
  • You have a different taste in music compared to your mates
  • You have set high expectations of what you hope to accomplish in life
  • You are wise and knowledgeable despite your tender age
  • Your favorite past time in high school was taking part in clubs

Favorite Color Is Gray

Grey is the blend of black and white. Other people also call it the ying-yang in the color table. It balances all the good and bad to form a subtle but pure result. It is a neutral color that carries some shade.
Having grey as your favorite color says you like being on the fence most times. You do not like taking part in arguments. You are often cautious and can compromise in different scenarios. You work hard to find balance in your life.
Here are some common traits for people in this category:

  • You’re obsessed with tidiness
  • You mind manners and good habits
  • You have a heart for diplomacy
  • You have a way of bringing conflicting parties together
  • You have your way of keeping yourself in your mantra
  • Most of your peers come to you for advice and respect you
  • You are the first choice of a leader in any situation

Favorite Color Is Red

The color of fire and blood has a deep correlation with war, energy, determination, power, strength, and desire. Who can forget the streets flooded with petals on 14th February? Red is also the color of love.
You have an obsession with going to the gym and staying fit. You like to be determined even when the situation is getting hard. You are a great motivator to your mates while at work. You probably the employer of the month due to your incredible customer service skills.
Here are other traits:

  • You are an outgoing person who enjoys the thrills life has to offer
  • You have an eating schedule pinned to your fridge
  • You like reading newspaper articles or blogs about lifestyle and fitness in particular
  • You have a membership at the local gym
  • You like expressing your feelings even when you hurt
  • You exude confidence when conversing with your workmates

Favorite Color Is Pink

Pink is often known as a feminine color. It is also a delicate color that represents a nice, beautiful, charming, and feminine nature. Red represents passion, but pink shows romance.
Some of your traits include:

  • You adore love stories
  • You have a pile of heartbreaks in your past
  • You are willing to give people second chances
  • Your daily routine includes love, peace, and harmony
  • You probably donate to a charity fund close to your heart
  • Your relatives like you the most

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As you see, there is a link between psychology, colors, and feelings, and if we dig deep, we’ll notice interesting patterns.
Here are the key takeaways of this article:

  • Having a favorite color is an adaptive part of human theory related to survival and reproduction
  • People use colors to express their feelings and emotions
  • Color choices can help learn more about you

Want to learn more about your personality? Knowing your color preferences is not enough. The good idea is to talk to a certified therapist. You can contact us today, and we’ll match you with the right specialist. Our certified professionals can help you understand who you are better and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Fill out a request form and start your sessions today.

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